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On December 24, 1909, Toyohiko Kagawa established this organization, which aimed to fight against the evils brought about by the social contradictions of the time and to serve the frail group; hitherto the organization existed with the support of assentors.

 We gather under his name to live in the 21st century pursuing the will of Toyohiko Kagawa, who had lived his life practicing mercy and the love of Jesus Christ.


 We shall pursue the spirit of “the settlers” (the ones who supported the people living in the community), which Toyohiko Kagawa had put into practice.

 We shall pursue the spirit of this pioneering and experimental organization, which has aimed to win the independence and mutual support.

 We shall pursue the spirit, which has strived to realize a world where people of all nations live in perfect harmony.


December 24, 1999
Social Welfare Corporation Jesus Band
School Juridical Organization Jesus Band