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@ After moving the base of his charity activities to Kanto, his sympathizers started grass-root activities such as gJesus-no-Tomo-kai (Jesusf Neighbors)h and gNomin Fukuin Gakko (GospelSchool for Farmers)h in Kansai as well. Jesus Band is an organization which consolidates the management of facilities like these based on the unique value called gKagawa Spirith.

@Every facility has its own history. Here we would like to restrict ourselves to make mention of the establishment and authorization of each facility.

  1924   The Settlement (the predecessor of Shikan-jima Yurin-Kan) was founded mainly by Genjiro Yoshida in Shikan-jima, Osaka; later it was authorized in 1958.
  1926   Toyohiko Kagawa moved to Takagi-Higashinokuchi, Kawaragi, Muko County, Hyogo from Matsuzawa, Tokyo.
October 1927   Constructed Tenshi Kaikan. Opened Tenshi Hoiku Gakko. (the predecessor of Tenshi Hoikuen (Nursery School) ). Authorized in 1948
November 1928   Ai-no-sono Hoiku Gakko (the predecessor of Ai-no-sono Hoikuen) was founded by Sotohiko Masuzaki in the southern part of Wakayama.Authorized in 1948
April 1931   The dormitory of Nomin Fukuin Gakko, commonly known as Ichibaku-ryo was founded by Toyohiko Kagawa in Nishinomiya.
April 1932   Constructed gYahe„Siba Hallh next to Ichibaku-ryo. Established gIchibaku Hoikuenh in the lot. Authorized in 1948.
June 1932   Established Kisetsu Nohan Takuji-sho (the predecessor of Umami Roto Hoikuen) as a memorial to Youjiro Horie in Umami, Nara. Authorized in 1948.
January 1935   Yuai Yojien was established after the ownership of the building of Zenrin Yochien was transferred. Authorized in 1948. gJesus Bandh relocated.
March 1937   Ikuno Seijo Kaikan (the predecessor of Seijo Hoikuen) was completed. Hiroyoshi Kaneda took office as the director. Authorized in 1951.
April     Succeeded to the business of gFutaba Yochienh which had been continuing the business since 1923.
September     Sakaide Zenrinkan (the predecessor of Sakaide Ikuaikan) was founded mainly by Shizue Yoshimura in Sakaide, Kagawa. Authorized in 1954.
December 1941  

World War II broke out.
Suffered serious damage by the air raid by the US forces.

August 1945   Japan surrendered.
August 1947   At the urging of Toyohiko Kagawa, Shizue Yoshimura became involved in Teshima Shinaikan (Sanatorium). Teshima Shinaikan was established.Authorized in 1954.

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In front of the building of the Jesus Band   April



Establishment of social welfare corporation Jesus Band was approved with Toyohiko Kagawa as the first chairman of the board.

Sakaide Ikuaikan, Ichibaku Hoikuen, Seijou Hoikuen, Umami Roto Hoikuen, Yuai Yojien, Teshima Sinaikan, Tenshi Hoikuen

Imazu Futaba Yochien (present Koshien Futaba Yochien), Jesus Band Clinic, Jiai Boshiryo and Kobe Kyodo Lodge were kept as parts of Incorporated Foundation Jesus Band.
  July 1955   North school of Tenshi Hoikuen was authorized; operation started.
  January 1956  

Hikari-no-ko Hoikuen was established as attached nursery school of Ishii Church.
Authorized in 1963.

  June 1958   Shinshi Hoikuen project started and was authorized.
  July     Shikanjima Yurinkan was authorized.
  April 1960   Toyohiko Kagawa demised.
  May     Haru Kagawa was appointed the second chairperson of the board.
  February 1963   Kagawa Memorial Hall opened; approved as a charity organization, started operating in April.
  April     Tenrinkan was approved as a nursery institute (the predecessor of Tenrin Nyuji Hoikuen)
  October 1964   Tokyo Olympic Games were held.
  April 1965   Toryo Yuaikan was authorized.
  May     Toryo Nyuji Hoikuen was authorized.
  March 1969   Tenshi Baby Center was authorized.

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March 1970   Opened Kobe Hoiku Senmon Gakko. Authorized in 1981.
March 1973   Toryo Hoikuen was authorized.
March 1974   Kuzuha Hikari-no-ko Hoikuen was authorized. Started operating.
April 1975   Budo-no-ki Hoikuen opened and was authorized.
  1976   Hiroyoshi Kaneda was appointed the third chairperson of the board.
April 1978   Sora-no-tori Yojien was authorized.
April 1979  

Midorino Hoikuen opened and authorized.
Established School Juridical Organization Jesus Band. Koshien Futaba Yochien was registered as a juridical organization.

April 1980  

Nozomi Hoikuen opened and was authorized.
Airinkan Learning Center (former Toryo Yuaikan) was authorized.

May     Shizuo Imai was appointed the fourth chairperson of the board.
April 1981   Took over the management of a private nursery school founded by a Catholic priest as a part of Tenshi-no-Sono Hoikuen.
March 1983   Shiose Yama-no-ie opened.
April     Airinkan Music Center was authorized.
April 1985   Kobe Municipal Suginoko Hoikuen (took over the business since 1968) was approved as Suginoko Hoikuen and took over the management.
  1986   Tampopo Hoikuen was authorized.
(Temporarily closed due to the destruction in the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake)
August 1988   Celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Toyohiko Kagawa at Portopia Hotel.
April     Hitomi Hoikusho opened and was authorized.
May 1989   Teshima Naomisou was authorized. Project started.
January 1992   Garden Tenshi was authorized
July 1993   Airin Day Service Center was authorized.
April 1994  

Care House Kuzuha Shinsei-en was authorized. Started project in April.

January 1995  

The Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake occurred.
Conducted relief operation with Kagawa Memorial Hall as its headquarters.
Shinshi Hoikuen, Tenrin Nyuji Hoikuen, and Tampopo Hoikuen collapsed, and the first two were restored. Other facilities in Kobe and Osaka were badly damaged.

October 1996  

Kobe Koureisha Sogo Care Center gShinaih (changed its name from gShinai Homeh ) was authorized. Started operation in November.

October 1999  

Higashi Kawasaki Koureisha Care Center gShinaih was authorized.
Started operation in November.
90th Anniversary of Jesus Band was celebrated.

April 2002   hShisamuh was authorized. Started operation.
October     hAirinh was authorized. Started operation.
April 2003   hYurinh was authorized. Started operation.
April 2004  

Uyama Hikarinoko Hoikuen was authorized. Started operation.
Ninomiya Jidoukan was authorized. Started operation.

Yoshikazu Kimura was appointed the fifth chairperson of the board.

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